Mineral Express Co. Ltd.

SALES EXPRESS Co Ltd. is the leading supplier of fluor spar (fluorite) in Russia and CIScountries.

We supply the whole range of the basic grades of fluor spar used   in various fields like:

Chemical industry
Aluminium industry
Fiber glass industry
Ceramic industry
Welding industry
Iron and steel industries

Our company has long-term stable relationships with the largest consumers and manufacturers of fluor spar that allows us to react rapidly to a fast changing market environment and review the prices on fluor spar’ products on the regular basis.

The cooperation and alliances with the chemical and metallurgical giants of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Kazakhstan have allowed us to expand the range of our offerings.

Today we supply the below listed chemical products:

Fluorine-containing rubbers (SKF), Latexes
Hydro-fluor-chlorine carbons or chlorine-fluor carbons-halogen substituted fluorinated hydrocarbons of various grades and marks.
Items from fluorplastics
Hydrofluoric  acid
Aluminium sulphate
Rolled steel, pipes and other production from metallurgical producers

The successfull work and stable development of our company are provided by:

Highly professional team of product and marketing experts
Advanced technologies and efficient business processes
Individual approach and dedicated Account Manager to each contractor
Confidentiality and intimacy with the partners/customers
Reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction
Breadth of offered added value services

Our main office is located in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk . Besides we have branches in Moscow and in Kyachta, on the Mongolian border.

125363, P.O. 111
+7 (926) 537 88 81